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Free MPEG DASH Player

Bitmovin's new player is an HTML5 Adaptive Streaming Player for MPEG-DASH & HLS. They claim that with their player, your videos play everywhere with low startup delay, no buffering and in the highest quality. It supports advertising and DRM.

The most encouraging thing about the Bitdash Player - they have a full featured version that is free.

What's more - their pricing is much lower than the other media players (JW, THEO, Radiant).

For more information, see the below link:

Demo of BitDash Player:

WMSPanel Demo Videos

Checkout this HLS Stream in several players:

Test Your Stream Here

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Samsung Deal with M-GO for 4K Content

With millions of 4K and Ultra HD television sets being sold all around the world, there is relatively little content available in 4K format. 

M-Go is a pay per view VOD (video on demand) service; partnered with both DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor.  It announced a new Samsung-exclusive 4K catalog. By the end of the year, they will offer around 100 movies and TV shows.

According to a report by Variety, the library will include Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, The Giver, Power, Ghost in the Shell and Limitless.

The 4K content is expected to cost around $1-2 more on average than M-Go’s regular HD titles to rent, and around $3-5 more.  Amazon is also working on developing new 4K content.


The Four HLS Players

JW Player, THEOplayer, Bitmovin Player and Radiant Player are the four media players that have native support Apple's HLS format (m3u8 playlists). The cost of JW, THEO and Radiant players is about $1,200 per year.  The Bitmovin player is free, but after 5,000 streams, they charge a monthly fee.

State of the Media Player Industry

JW Player - World most popular HTML5 media player; HLS, RTMP, MPEG-DASH, m3u8. The JW Player was the very first generic media player, and today, it claims to be the most popular.

THEOPlayer - 100% HTML5 media player; HLS, RTMP, MPEG-DASH, m3u8.  This player boasts that it is coded entirely in HTML5, but its prices are exactly the same as JW Player.

Radiant Player - HTML5 compatible media player; uses HTML5 and JS, but its prices are exactly the same as JW Player.

BitMovin Player - HTML5 player; native MPEG-DASH without plugins; free version supports all features.

The recent focus of the media player industry has shifted towards advertisers, who are using …