What is OTT

What is is OTT?

OTT stands for “over-the-top,”or delivery of film and TV content via the Web, without a cable subscription, such as Time Warner or Comcast.

OTT didn’t develop quickly because content owners didn’t have the infrastructure to sell content directly to consumers,” according to experts in video marketing.

OTT has become a hot topic since Netflix matured into a major force (Netflix’s 37.7 million puts it ahead of HBO in total subscribers and offering) . With audiences were increasingly watching their favorite shows on Netflix (and Hulu), rather than the initial live broadcast, TV networks and studios felt compelled to license their older programming to them. As one might have predicted, the success of the Netflix experiment has resulted in the erosion of ratings for conventional TV.10 million US broadband subscribers don’t pay for TV.

HBO launched HBO Now, an over-the-top subscription video service that offers full access to its library and original programming. It's success seems to have no limits. We'll cover this topic again soon; with more on the network's use of OTT, and the success of a content creator who is making millions streaming short Webisodes exclusively on the Web.

Disclosure: The sponsor of this blog, MultiMediaCart, develops software that allows any private owner of audio or video content to stream directly to customers on their own pay per view, pay per minute Web site.


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