Landmark -- Netflix Simultaneously Releasing Online & Theater Release of 'Crouching Tiger'

Could it be? Has the day arrived when online distribution is happening at the same time as theater release? Yes! The day is here! Online giant, Netflix, is simultaneously releasing the sequel of 'Crouching Tiger' in theaters and online.

Michelle Yeoh returns from the original cast as Yu Shu-Lien alongside Donnie Yen  as Silent Wolf, in the sequel of Crouching Tiger.." . The plot involves the quest for the legendary sword, and ultimately the battle for the survival of the world. A visual masterpiece, from director Woo-Ping Yuen, fight choreographer forThe Matrix and Kill Bill franchises, director of Jackie Chan’s classic Drunken Master.

The dual release is a first for the film industry, and because the movie's reviews have been somewhat lackluster, observers might not see this as much of a risk. 


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