Amazon Elastic Transcoder Adds PlayReady DRM Support

Amazon is giving away its Elastic Transcoder to apply Microsoft PlayReady DRM protection to Smooth Streaming and HLS outputs. When you create your transcoding job, simply include the encryption key, the ID of the key on the license server, and license server URL provided by your PlayReady License Provider. Elastic Transcoder transcodes and packages your files in one simple step.

There are no additional Elastic Transcoder charges for using this new DRM packaging feature. To learn more, please consult the Securing Your Content chapter in the Elastic Transcoder Developer Guide.

HLS Streaming: Amazon Elastic Transcoder can be used to convert your mezzanine (or master) media files stored in Amazon S3 to various formats depending on the devices your viewers will be using to play it and can further be transmuxed to create a collection of HLS segments and manifest files. This can be stored back in Amazon S3 and delivered using Amazon CloudFront in a high performing and scalable manner. Using these AWS services, you benefit from easy setup, scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing. The following links published by JWPlayer can be used to get you started on using this solution. RTMP Streaming: For customers desiring to use the RTMP protocol to deliver media to Flash player Amazon CloudFront has developed specialized RTMP distributions which lets you stream content stored in Amazon S3.

View videos on AWS at the below link.


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