The Web Series Reborn - Pay Per View

It is possible that we are witnessing the re-birth of the Web series as a legitimate programming category. In the past, we saw many quirky and experimental shorts related to everything from teen adventures to super-heroes.  But we've never seen anything become extremely popular until the advent of Roommies Lovers and Friends. When your five minute series attracts millions of collective, loyal viewers - you've really got something.  

They were probably the most popular short series on YouTube, but they were not making a profit. When they switched to pay per view and subscription, everything changed. 

Roomies Lovers and Friends, was launched in 2012; and it has shocked the industry and possibly set new records as the most popular and profitable Web series history.  Produced by Black & Sexy TVand Issa Rae Productions.  They launched Roomies Lovers and Friends in 2012; a series that centers on male and female roommates who end up sleeping together. Afterwards, you can imagine the drama and comedy. It has been a major commercial success after selling on 

Numa Perriet and Dennis Dortch, her husband, began shooting Rommies Lovers and Friends on a very low budget, and often, without a script. Their talented stars would embrace their characters and make the short episodes work. Their characters became so popular, soon, they were doing national meet-up tours. Their secret seems to be super segmentation, realistic and relatable stories, and extremely good acting.

But the series wasn't able to generate much revenue using YouTube's advertising; but when they changed their episodes to all subscription using VHX, they generated a million dollars in a matter of months.  Numa claims that they made more in a few months on VHX, than in the previous year using YouTube ad revenue. 

Hello Cupid is another series produced by the same company, staring Haley Marie Norman, of Deal or No-Deal fame.  Both Web series generate hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, more than we've seen visit other series in periods greater than five years.  


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