Simple DRM Plus

HLS streaming supports live and VOD delivery; with support for DVR, captions, sub-titles, slow-motion and high-speed playback, along with support for the highly efficient DART protocol.

What is HLS encryption?

HLS Encryption allows video publishers send encrypted video over HTTP for playback on desktop and mobile devices. HLS utilizes the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) as well as other technologies to seamlessly protect content from non-authorized streaming, piracy, and redistribution by others, with no detectable difference to video playback.

HLS Encryption, or HLSe, is supported is several key media servers and players; most notably Evostream Media Server, Wowza Media Server, and Adobe Media Server. JW Player and Theoplayer are media players with advanced HLS features, such as captions and DART support. The VLC Player supports HLS, but some browsers require the download of a plugin. 

MediaGration Simple DRM Plus

MediaGration Simple DRM Plus, is the strategic employment of many security technologies; which, when combined, form a very strong protection of the stream and the content. 

a)Streamed from a local secure media server
b)Content is stored in a protected directory
c)Alias based file access (single use URLs)
d)CAPTCHA-protected user authentication
f)128-bit AES encryption
e)Access can be synched to user accounts; credits, etc. 

The result is an extremely secure and efficient user, data, network and content security; without the need for a separate DRM server. 

Adding Encryption to HLS

Encryption for HLS streaming is implemented on  during the ingestion process. Unencrypted HLS is a video serving protocol that uses different bit rates, based on network bandwidth changes; HLS breaks a video into a sequence of small file segments; each is sent intelligenty to the receiving devices. 

HLS for long-form videos, that is, videos greater than 5 Mb, or longer than 10 minutes, must be segmented (videos
longer than approximately 10 minutes). 


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