Simple DRM Plus Specifications

MediaGration Simple DRM Plus

MediaGration Simple DRM Plus, is the strategic employment of several security technologies; which, when combined, form a very strong protection of the stream and the content. 

a)Streamed from a local secure media server
b)Content is stored in a protected directory
c)Alias based file access (single use URLs)
d)CAPTCHA-protected user authentication
f)128-bit AES encryption on each segment
e)Access is synched to user accounts; credits, etc., on all Web frameworks

The resulting combination of technologies, forms a highly secure and efficient user, data, network and content security; without the need for a separate DRM server. 

Currently, MediaGration's Simple DRM Plus, might be the most secure technology available without the use of a separate DRM server. It is available in a software toolkit; with video security features, including:

1. Stream control policies and rules
2. Video selection policies
3. IP-address and country block rules
4. User-group access rules
5. First time visitor policies
6. Repeat visitor policies
7. Behavior based rules

An example of stream control policies and rules would be a policy to limit video replay to a maximum number of plays per hour. An example of video selection policies would be to play an English language video for North American IP addresses, and Spanish language videos for IP addresses located in Latin America. 

The toolkit features a plugin for Joomla; allowing Web site programmers to manage access to videos based on Joomla registration, user-group, category access, and specific site privileges.  Mediagration will be adding more plugins; for stand-alone HTML Web sites, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento and other popular CMS frameworks and applications. 


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