Media Players That Support CSS Skins

Both the JW Player and the Theoplayer media players are primarily HTML5-based players, and both support CSS skinning; or the creation of custom user-interfaces and styles; integrating player controls and features into a unique design.

These CSS-friendly players allow each publisher to create a unique viewing experience that immerses viewers in your brand with your own pixel-perfect skin.  But it goes way beyond custom media play - these players are actually application frameworks with their own scripting languages and APIs.  And most importantly, you can position any HTML5 element, graphic, or video - anywhere you want in allowable area for CSS.

The fact is, HTML5 based media players provide a secure mini-framework for applications; one which permits publishers full control over what is played, when it is played, and to whom  it is played. Opps! We forgot to say - for how long it is played!

And it can be video, audio, applications, documents or anything that is HTML5 compatible.


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