Is Evostream Media Server the Best?

One of the biggest and most expensive overhead items in building a media server is memory requirement. Red5, Wowza Media, Adobe - all require a ton of memory; and the math is pretty straight forward; you're going to pay a ton! But Evostream, developer of the Evostream Media Server, boasts about how their server doesn't require as much memory and power.

On their site, they say:

Stream live, low-latency video to phones, tablets, browsers, set top boxes and cloud services like UStream and Akamai. The EvoStream Media Server supports HTML5 and the native video players for any device your customer might be using. Stream your live media anywhere....

And again:

Stream 4X’s More per Server and save 80% on your Total Cost per Channel, Lower initial cost, operate on lower cost server. Maximize your existing server’s capacity with only 1 license to deliver 400% more streams than JAVA-based technology.

Scale your streaming platform and save up to 80% on your additional server and license costs. Our premium features (Transcoder, Drm, nDvr) and optional modules (Web based UI, Web-service integration framework) are all included. We have no hidden cost.

Native C/C++ Ultra Efficiency over JAVA-based solutions. Handle 2000 connections per x86 CPU core. Operate on a stand-alone server, a rack of servers, or in the Cloud.

Is the Evostream delivering what they say they can? One thing for sure, it is more affordable, flexible, and programmable. We found it to be far easier to develop on than Wowza or Adobe. It is always hard to get support from developers of media servers, but Evostream offered us strong support - even during their product rollout. We especially appreciate the ability to stream m3u8 format to all devices.


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