Death of Flash Marked the Death of Many Ad Agencies

When Google began auto-pausing Flash on their Chrome browser since September 1st, 2015, many ad agencies were unable to fulfill their client contracts, and thusly, died. Considering that 84% of all banners across the Internet are affected, agencies have to quickly adopt HTML5 banners and video, which are more impervious (but not invulnerable) to blocking. 

The problem with adopting HTML5 to build interactive ads is that agencies had to invest in, or evenr hire, software programmers.  Some agencies made the investment, some - must likely - went out of business. We don't have the numbers on the failures, but the losses must have been in the tens of millions industry wide, and agencies who's campaigns were blocked, would see their revenue immediately stopped or threatened. 

The benefits of HTML5 are clear:

a)Because browsers support it, it is less likely to be blocked
b)Because blocking HTML5 could block desirable Web content, it is less likely to be blocked in the future
c)No special players, plugins or ad-ons are necessary to support HTML5 based videos


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