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Top Media Servers

Wowza, Adobe, WMSPanel, Evostream
The most popular streaming servers for publishers are Wowza, Adobe, WMSPanel, Evostream. All support HLS and MPEG DASH, the technologies that have transformed the proprietary dominated industry, into a standards-based industry. 

Wikiepedia: The following tables compare general and technical information for a number of streaming media systems both audio and video. Please see the individual systems' linked articles for further information. Source: WikipediaNameCreatorFirst Public Release (yyyy-MM-dd)Latest Stable Version (Release Date)Cost (USD)licenseMediaMedia Player

Audio/VideoAny with appropriate protocol support.PeerCastGiles?0.1218 (2007-12-17)FreeGPLAudio/Video{?}Unreal Media ServerUnreal Streaming Technologies2003-09-1510.5 (2014-02-15)$695 perpetual licenseproprietaryAudio/VideoFlash, Silverlight, iOS, Set-Top boxes, Unreal PlayerFlash Media ServerMacromedia/Adobe Systems2002-07-95.0.7 (2014-11-19)$4,500proprietaryVideoFlash PlayerEvoStream M…

Video For Everybody Player

Download video:MP4 format | Ogg format | WebM format

This is a working example of Video For Everybody Player, playing the Big Buck Bunny video. It is 100% HTML5, 100% code-based with virtually no javascript; yet it is compatible with all major formats and browsers, and offers intelligent fallback capability. How do you like it?

Unfortunately, it doesn't support m3u8 format at the present time; but developers are making modifications permitting this (with javascript).

Will there ever be a serious Open Source media player capable of advanced HLS features?

THEOplayer - Can It Deliver?

Is this the next generation of video playback for the web?

Theoplayer boasts that it can provide adaptive streaming of HLS directly to HTML5 browsers without the need of external plug-ins like Flash or Silverlight.

Are they able to backup their claims?
We'll be reporting on this and other players in the media player department. 


This section discusses the trends and technology in live and on-demand audio. Web based audio can be delivered three ways:

b)Progressive download

Downloaded songs can be delivered in the final format (such as mp3) or an archive format (such as zip); if they are delivered in a playable format, they are sometimes able to facilitate progressive download.

Progressive downloads are downloads that are capable of play during the download process; after enough data is received by the player, the music or other content can be consumed right away.

Streamed audio begins play immediately, often within a few seconds of the request. First generation streaming technology employed the use of rtmp and rtmpe. But increasingly, as streaming publishers adapt to the Apple HLS standard, which is an http protocol.

As HLS streaming replaces rtmp and Flash, there are more security options for HLS live and on-demand.  MediaGration, the sponsor of this site, offers software products that …

VOD or Interactive Video On Demand:

One of the coolest features of HLS streaming is its support for DVR controls.  DVR controls allow consumers of video and music to jump forward and backward instantly, to a specific point in the video.  DVR controls also permit fast and slow-motion play.  DVR is now considered a must in the world of VOD.

Here are some features associated with DVR:

Interactive video on demand (IVOD) is the standard version of video on demand where people have the following features at their disposal:
Play/Resume - Start a program/movie from the beginning or resume after temporarily stopping the show.
Stop - Temporarily or permanently stop the presentation of the show.
Pause - Freeze the picture.
Jump forward - Jump to a particular time in the presentation (movie) in a forward direction.
Jump backward - Jump to a particular time in the presentation (movie) in a backward direction.
Fast Forward (FF) - Browse through the movie in the forward direction with picture and sound on.
Slow Down - Going forward at a lowe…

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